FAQs – Integration and Project Management

FAQs – Integration and Project Management

What Can a Program Integrator or Project Manager Do For You?

The short answer: SYNTHESIS and IMPLEMENTATION. The power of a skilled Program Integrator or Project Manager includes the expertise to:

▶ Clarify what needs to get done.

▶ Create a plan with milestones and tasks to get it done.

▶ Take responsibility for managing all inbound and outbound assets for the final deliverable.

▶ Act as a shield that’s forward-leaning and can alert you to what’s beyond the horizon that may derail your project, program, or overall strategy.

What is a Project Manager?

A Project Manager (PM) by definition is an integrator and a core responsibility is to take a leadership role in managing the triple constraints of time, cost, and scope.

A Project Manager is a skilled position that can contribute to significant savings and operational efficiencies within either tech and non-tech environments. 

▶ Bottomline: A Project Manager can be looked at more like a Swiss Army knife for bringing any product, service, initiative from idea-to-close, while managing the key constraints of time, money, and resources.

A key strength of this role is communication and implementation. Project Managers add value by synthesizing people, processes, and systems. 

What is the difference between a Certified Project Manager vs. an Uncertified PM?

Certified Project Managers have a more robust skill set than un-certified Project Managers and have proven capabilities in moving any project from initiation, planning, execution, monitoring & controlling, and close.

A certified PM has met rigorous educational and exam criteria to become eligible for the PMP – Project Management Professional designation from the Project Management Institute.

What is a Program Integrator?

A Program Integrator takes the lead on key initiatives related to a company’s strategy or overall direction.

A Program Integrator may have a specific area of expertise but is not skilled in the more in-depth application of Project Management disciplines related to areas such as critical milestone alignment, schedule baselines, and scope management. 

▶ Bottomline: A Program Integrator provides a solid role as a partner in any strategic initiative within a company.

Anyone in this role facilitates clear and concise communications to roll-out new or updated initiatives and policy enhancements.

What is the difference between a Program and a Project?

A program is a group of related projects with a core element(s) tying them together. A project is a temporary undertaking for the purpose of implementing a product, service, or result.