How To Leverage Integration With Your Acquisitions

As an integrator, you keep a broad view of the customer experience, knowing what products and services you need to offer and how best to package them together. This means that the customer’s needs are just as much your goal as the business unit’s bottom line.  What is an Integrator Role An integrator is a consultant-level person that would give […]

Everything You Wanted to Know About INTEGRATION to GROW and SCALE and Were Afraid To Ask

Integrators are critical to the growth of a company. They build capability, business growth, and financial strength. A structured approach to how you plan for your business and check the effectiveness of your decisions is crucial. Integrators and program managers are used to working with efficiency and inefficiency after encountering situations where they can’t control when teams of people choose […]

The Integration Equation: What Can You Do To Save Your GROWTH STRATEGY From Destruction?

The Integration Equation™ in business is a framework that enables a business to assess its risk and resource utilization, as well as forecast future integration efforts. The process by which strategic IT functions work together to create and support a company’s business strategy could also be a defined integration. An effective integration program provides stakeholders with a clear understanding of […]